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Who are we? What are we doing? Where are we going?

Who are we?

Meet the people behind Het Veer, with our administrators and their role in the holding company and subsidiary companies.

Who is who?


Ethical business practices are of paramount importance for Het Veer. Discover how and why.

An overview

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The story begins in 1979

‘Het Veer’ has an idyllic background story. On the banks of the river ‘Leie’, the family Vandoorne looked in bygones days, after a ferryboat (het veer in Dutch). The ferry brought people safely from one bank to the other. For years, through wind and rain, the ferry was a bridge, a harbour, a grip. The ferry was a reliable connection. And this is it still to this day.

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Sailing on Blue Oceans

Sailing on Blue Oceans: the idea has always been the driving force behind the group Het Veer. Our guide line is the blue ocean: to create a virgin place where each of our companies can freely sail the waters. Where the water, has not been clouded by bitter competition. A free navigable place. It is opting for innovation, sail the own niche and on this way create new opportunities.

Our administrators have their say:

Since 1995, in particular, we have grown expansively. This is primarily due to the strategic decision to act as much as possible independently from multinationals

Sophie Vandoorne
Sophie VandoorneManaging Director, Het Veer.

We stand for innovation: last year we achieved 98% of our turnover with a product that we have developed in the previous year.

Rik Vandoorne
Rik VandoorneAdministrator, Het Veer

We are a young, dynamic, modern company with high-tech products, especially high quality and safe products.

Andy Lava
Andy LavaAdministrator, Het Veer