A story covering three decades

The history of our holding company goes back in the 70’s.
The future: this is what we are continually building, every day.

The history

‘Het Veer’ has an idyllic background story. On the banls of the river ‘Leie’, the family Vandoorne looked in bygones days, after a ferryboat (het veer in Dutch). The ferry brought opaople safely from one bank to the other. For years, through wind and rain, the ferry was a bridge, a harbour, a grip. The ferry was a reliable connection.

Today, the original idea of Het Veer as a bridge builder is still alive. Medium voltage is a bridge: between high and low voltage. Between power plants and people. Our DF One software also brings people closer together: from different companies, from different departments. Many companies, from boats to ships, have sailed in the course of time in the wake of Het Veer on our blue ocean.

Deba (1979) was already a strong player before Het Veer saw the daylight. Het Veer was formally held on the baptismal font in 1984. The first ship that would strengthen the fleet appeared in 1993: Lakkerij Vandereyt. From then on, Het Veer would extend the fleet at full power. In 1997, Cotrabel appears on the port side. In 2003, CDC – Cabines de Ciney joined the group. In 2006, New Lakkerij Verschueren was also launched (later renamed Laramno). In 2010, Deba send its sailors out and four new ships saw the light of life: Deba components (later renamed Mevoco), SGC – SwitchGear Company, Deba Facility and Ningbo Deba-Electric Co., Ltd. In 2019, Femaco appeared on the starboard side, by separating the sheet metal department. Meanwhile the fleet is cruising further, in the international waters. Always searching new clear blue waters.

And still, the idea of the ferry (het veer) is alive: build bridges and bring people closer together, regardless the sector.

Het Veer in a few figures

  • The first company in 1979
  • Today driven by 12 different companies
  • Expansion until China

And still, the idea of the ferry (het veer): build bridges and bring people closer together, regardless the sector.

Sophie Vandoorne
Sophie VandoorneCEO Het Veer

The ferry at the Leie in Baarle.