Acquisition of Van Os – Duracoat in Hemiksem by the Group Het Veer.

The family group Het Veer is active in five different sectors and has 14 companies. Today we are proud to add the fifteenth member to our group.

Van Os – Duracoat, also a family business with more than half a century of experience, specializes in industrial metal coating. Their services include zinc phosphating, powder coating and plastic coating. When standard corrosion protection is no longer sufficient, a thermoplastic Abcite® coating is applied to all kinds of materials for the water treatment sector, street furniture, electrical insulation and the maritime and offshore sector. They also apply Rilsan®, Halar® and Teflon® coatings, each for specific applications such as abrasion, contact with aggressive chemicals or non-sticky characteristics.

With their special expertise in exceptional corrosion-preventive coatings  we are further expanding our range of coatings: with Lakkerij Vandereyt and Van Os-Duracoat together, we now offer the entire range of organic coatings, from wet coating over powder coating to thermoplastic and even fluorinated coatings.

The company currently has 20 employees and Raf Van Os will continue to manage the company for a few years, as he has done in recent years. Durable and high-quality craftsmanship remains the absolute top priority.

Read more about their speciality and story at

Through this acquisition we are expanding the metal sector of our group, which includes Lakkerij Vandereyt, Robby and Femaco. We’re looking forward to a pleasant cooperation!

Office building Het Veer lights up!

During the 2021 edition of the Ghent Light Festival, the office building of Het Veer was given a completely different look.

Our building with a watchtower at the Vlasmarkt was transformed into a true work of art!

Completely lit up by a range of colourful colours.

How nice to see the building shining in this way!

Did you know that the building is also for sale?

More info: Office building Het Veer

Our best wishes and a different 2021!

ISO in practice

ISO 9001 : 2015

New wet coating line

Visiting SNE in Chad

Eurofinish + Materials 2019

SGC @ Hannover Messe 2019

Happy Holidays – Het Veer

Realisation MeryBois Esneux

Project MERYGRID Esneux


pensioen Francois Vanderbemden

Retirement – Francois Vanderbemden

ADMB awards 2017

ADMB Awards 2017

Channel Z

Recording by Channel Z for the TV program “Alle zaken op een rijtje” (A look behind the curtain of the life of Belgian companies)

Cired 2017

SGC at Cired in Glasgow

Sophie and Patrick

Transparency at High Voltage

Mevoco Hannover Fair

Mevoco at the Hannover Fair

Hannover Fair

SGC at the Hannover Fair

Production of doors of our DF-2 modular concept

The doors of the DF-2 cubicles (metal enclosed switchgear) are fully automatically bended in great series, provided by the necessary welded bolts, welded on the corners and transported in reusable carts. Afterwards they are brought to the painting shop and painted with a nice blue color. After mounting a viewing window, the door hooks, the door handle and clamps for the padlock, they are stored again in the reusable carts and conducted to the production hall of SGC for mounting on the DF-2 cubicles.

Herewith, we fully deploy in the circular economy, whereby, we are creating on a environment-friendly way employment opportunities and reinforce the competitiveness of our company. This provided us already in 2016 the title of the “most promising belgian maker award”.

light tunnels

Lakkerij Vandereyt expands

The “one stop shop” of Lakkerij Vandereyt extends to offer its customers even a better service.  Besides wet coating, pad printing and powder coating with a chemical pre-treatment, will now painting with a mechanical pre-treatment also belong to our product range.

We are currently building a new production line that will allow large and complex products from 2000 x 2000 x 6000 mm for blasting and powder coating.  And this with the same high standard of finish and flexibility that we are used to have.

Further, in the existing production there will be new light tunnels so that more natural light on the work floor will be present.


Winners balloon competition – Open Company Day 2016

On the occasion of the Open Company Day organized by Voka on October 02 of this year, DEBA, SGC and MEVOCO organized a balloon competition. Children whose balloons traveled on the longest distance could win a prize.
From the 127 balloons that took off, 12 cards were returned to us. The winner flow a distance of 862.67 km to Batelov in the Czech Republic. In total, the 12 balloons covered a distance of 1864 km.
Below you will find the list of the winners. They will receive their gift in the course of next week. The people who found the balloons will be rewarded with a little attention.

Congratulations and thank you for your participation.



Seminar Multiprox : RFID Inspiration Session (Radio Frequence IDentification)

Advantages and applications of RFID as part of Industry 4.0

On November 8th, a free of charge half-day seminar from Turck Multiprox took place at SGC in Nevele. The session was a joint initiative of Turck Multiprox, SwitchGear Company, De Roeve IT and Toshiba TEC Belgium Imaging Systems.

More than 30 people witnessed the presentations of the companies and got informed about the way to optimize their quality control, how to improve the logistics flow and how to prevent fraudulent copying of their machinery.
The visit of the functional RFID installation at SGC was especially very positively received. Due to this, SGC knows at any time the location of every single product in the production process.

Click here to view some photos of our participation to the RFID Inspiration Session.

EP China 2016 - SGC

SGC – SwitchGear Company at the EP China 2016 exhibition

SGC – SwitchGear Company at the EP China 2016 exhibition
China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing, PR China

From 2 to 4 November, you can visit SGC – SwitchGear Company on the EP China exhibition. This exhibition takes place at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing.

Established in 1986, the EP China exhibition is organized by the most authoritative organization, China Electricity Council, and fully supported by all major Power Group Corporations and Power Grid Corporations. With a successful track record and experience of 30 years, it has become the largest and the most reputable electric power exhibition endorsed by UFI Approved Event in China and has been widely recognized by global market leaders and international trade associations.
With annual rotation in Beijing and Shanghai in alternate years, EP China & Electrical 2016 takes place again at China International Exhibition Centre from 2-4 November 2016 in Beijing. In total 8 exhibition halls are used, where you can find 900 exhibitors and brands from all over the world.

At our booth, visitors will be able to discover our medium voltage switchgear from 10kv to 24kv. User-friendliness, safety and care for the environment are the main drive for developing SGC’s switchgear. Our mission is to safeguard the personal safety of the operators of our products.
The SGC switchgears are also perfectly designed to withstand in extreme circumstances, such as extreme cold, extreme heat, acidity and humidity. In some African countries for example, extreme heat temperatures forced to open some parts of the switchgear installation in order to insure ventilation. The security of the operator and of the surrounding is as such endangered. SGC offers solutions for all sort of applications, but safety for the operator en the environment comes always at first place.

Come and visit our booth: HALL 1B – 1LI5

SGC-SwitchGear Company, Deba and Mevoco in Nevele take part in Open Company Day 2016.

An inside look into the future of electricity

Energy in general and electricity in particular are fast becoming the most valuable resources. It makes perfect sense that people want to know all about electricity. What happens between the power plant and the socket in your living room? What does medium voltage mean and what technology is involved? Discover the answer to all of these and more questions on October 2nd, when three fast-growing innovators SGC, Deba and Mevoco open their doors to the public.

SGC, Deba and Mevoco engage whenever medium voltage has to be transformed to manageable low voltage, then distributing, measuring and securing every step of the way.

Have a look in production and installation departments where the smallest and biggest components of this technology are developed and produced by Mevoco. Discover the world of high-tech switch gear panels constructed by this year’s official Most Promising Belgian Maker, SGC. Learn how Deba installs these switch gear panels in high-voltage cabins providing power to complete residential areas, industrial complexes, farms, hospitals, …

On October 2nd you can visit the Medium Voltage Competence Centre, a centre for training and education. Take a look in the medium voltage museum and showroom and take a complete and thorough look into both the history and future of medium voltage technology.

Open Company Day 2016, with SGC-SwitchGear Company, Deba and Mevoco Nevele : an inside look into the future of electricity.

SGC, Deba and Mevoco, Moorstraat 24, B-9850 Nevele, Belgium
E40 exit 13 Drongen coming from Brussels
E40 exit 12 Nevele coming from Ostend


Laramno sold to owners of Colors nv

Since July 1, 2016 powder coating business Laramno located in Sint-Niklaas, no longer belongs to holding Het Veer.

The company’s shares were sold as a “going concern” to the new owners Ivo Vermeeren, Philip Thuysbaert and Sven Merckx of Colors nv in Hamme.
For customers and suppliers will change nothing and  the cooperation will continue as before.

SwitchGear Company of Nevele wins “Most Promising Maker” award

SwitchGear Company of Nevele is a future-oriented and innovative producer of medium voltage switchgear. SGC received this Thursday evening in the “Handelsbeurs” of Ghent the title of “Most Promising Maker”

This new price has been created on the common initiative of the employer’s organization “Unizo” and DHL Express, who wants to offer the manufacturing industry an attractive forum in Belgium and to underline the importance of sustainable and innovative businesses for our economy. (…)

SwitchGear Company (SGC), which as most promising manufacturing company came out of the box, is sweeping the world market as producer of medium voltage switchgear; “SGC is a fast growing Belgian company that invests a lot of time in Research & Development to better serve the customers. The company exports worldwide to customers in Europe, Africa, Oceania and America. Furthermore they are working with a virtual showroom to explain their product. At the time, the company is particularly active in South America, Australia, Russia and Chad. As the SGC products are approved according to the international IEC standards, the world is wide open for this manufacturing company”. (…)

“Thanks to manufacturing companies, our economy can grow and local prosperity is created” says Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO of Unizo. “Therefore we should not only nourish our existing manufacturing companies, we also have to offer a support to the new startups in the manufacturing sector. Unizo committed them to do so”.

light tunnels
DF-2+ / DF-3+

DF-2+ / DF-3+ with our patented Arc-Killer SV-25 for optimal operator safety

Discover our Metal Enclosed cubicles DF-2+ and DF-3+ with our patented Arc-Killer SV-25.

DR-6+ / DT-6+

DR-6+ / DT-6+ with our patented Arc-Killer SV-50 for optimal operator safety

Discover our Ring Main Units DR-6+ and DT-6 with our patented Arc-Killer SV-50.

UNIZO16 Belgian Maker Award

UNIZO16 Belgian Maker Award

Craftmanship and the use of durable materials makes it possible for SGC to produce products that are ‘built to last’. To promote the Belgian manufacture industry, SGC is taking part in the ‘Belgian Maker Award’, a competition organized by Unizo. You can take a look at the website where you can find our company movie.

Deba present at Job Fair of Tuesday 22th March in Ghent

Tomorrow, Tuesday 22th March, Deba will be present at the Job Fair in Ghent. This event takes place at the International Convention Center (ICC), which is settled in the Citadel Parc. Come over, visit our stand from 12 am till 06 pm, and find the job of your dreams with us. You may already take a look on the website of our holding “Het Veer”, where you find all our open vacancies.

Practical information

Place? The ICC (International Convention Center), Ghent.

Address? Citadel Parc. Van Rysselberghedreef 2, post box 1 – Citadel Parc, 9000 Ghent.

Date? Tuesday 22th March 2016, 12 am-06 pm.

More information? Check out the website of the organization.

SGC again present at the Hannover Messe

As in the previous years, SGC-SwitchGear Company will again be present at the Hannover Messe. This international fair of industrial technology will take place from Monday 25 to Friday April 29th. You will find SGC at booth B64 in hall 13.

This five days event takes place in the city of Hannover in northern Germany. Come and visit us, put your questions and discover the latest innovations that SGC has in store! More information can be found on the website of the Hannover Messe organization.


Mevoco again present at the Hannover Messe

As in the previous years, Mevoco will again be present at the Hannover Messe. This international fair of industrial technology will take place from Monday 25 to Friday April 29th. You will find Mevoco at booth B64 in hall 13.

This five days event takes place in the city of Hannover in northern Germany. Come and visit us, put your questions and discover the latest innovations that Mevoco has in store! More information can be found on the website of the Hannover Messe organization.


SGC strives for high precision welding

SGC – SwitchGear Company disposes of two welding robots, each of them providing highly targeted work. Our latest automated machine acquisition clearly demonstrates our focus on precision work. Before the robot enters into action, the sheet metal work is placed accurately and stable in its final position. On that way, we avoid any risk of shifting of the plates during the welding process.

The high degree of automation of this robot is also reflected in the fact that the actual welding time per session can be seen of the screen by the means of well located sensors. With the help of light buttons, one can see very quickly in which position the welding robot is located. When the robot is welding, the doors around the machine are locked with a fence partly consisting of light coloured translucent plexiglas. An exhaust system is directly connected to this welding machine. On this way, SGC is committed to a highly precise and user-friendly production process.




The manometer of SGC ensures user-friendly and fast fault detection

Manometer5_kleinSince we operate in a sector where safety is of exceptional importance, SGC – SwitchGear Company puts a clear focus on strong visual communication and usability in the material. These pillars are also reflected in our own developed manometer.

The manometer of SGC is a device measuring the pressure of the SF6 gas in the cubicle. In case of a loss of pressure the device indicates that it would not be saving to operate the load break switch. Therefore, we choose at SGC to develop a manometer so friendly to use as possible and straightforward to read. This is done through colour codes printed on the manometer. If the needle of the manometer points to the green zone, it is completely safe to operate the switch. If the needle points to the red zone, it is recommended not to switch and to contact SGC. When the cubicle is fitted with an arc-killer, a third colour (yellow) is displayed on the manometer. If this zone is pointed by the needle, the arc-killer entered into force because of an internal fault and the switch should than be replaced.

Our manometer increases the user-friendliness, as – in presence of an arc-killer – there is no longer need to reach manually and directly the contacts to insure if in the case of an internal fault, it has worked or not. The measuring device provides thus a faster and more user-friendly visual error checking. Those are values that SGC is explicitly pursuing.


DR-6C-2D Foto


Lakkerij Vandereyt helped to produce historically largest digital LED outdoor screen in Belgium!

You can’t miss it. Since a few weeks, in the heart of Brussels a historically large LED screen is hanging at the frontage of a commercial centre. This digital publicity screen, manufactured by ARCH, has a surface of rather 140 m². Never before in Belgium, such a large format LED screen was visible in outdoor.

Notable here is that Lakkerij Vandereyt has a share in the production of this historical achievement. The paint shop namely ensured the delivery of the coated parts of the screen.

The screen is manufactured in one single piece, is hanging on more than thirty meters above the ground and has proportional sizes of sixteen meters wide and nine meters high.

LED-scherm Brussel

(photo © ARCH)

LED-scherm Brussel 3

(photo © Clear Channel)

Student Bert Deseine: “Medium voltage is fascinating”

Since a few months we see regularly a Master student, Bert Deseine, walking around and working in our medium voltage museum in Nevele. Bert is a last year student in Electrotechnic and is finalizing his master thesis about – how else – medium voltage. Our companies are trying to support him as well as possible. We took Bert for a short talk.

Bert, last year you decide to make a master thesis about medium voltage. How did you get the idea?

Bert: Medium voltage really captivated me immediately. I am a student in the department of Kortijk of the University of Ghent were I finalize my studies in Electrotechnic speciality Industrial Sciences. Last year I came with my class in Nevele for a visit of Deba, SGC SwitchGear Company and Mevoco. I immediately found the medium voltage sector very interesting. In the lessons at school, the focus is essentially oriented to domestic electricity. The fact that I did not know much about medium voltage makes it exciting to choose for a relatively “new” topic.

“The subject attracted me immediately”

And for this master thesis you are coming regularly to work in our medium voltage museum in Nevele.BertDeseine

Bert: Yes indeed, I am coming once or twice per week in your museum. I am at the source of the information, have all equipment available and can easily put the questions and receive the needed input. An employee of R&D of Mevoco is in fact one of my promoters.

The medium voltage world is of course very large. What are you precisely talking about in your master thesis?

Bert: The title of my thesis is: “Evolution of the switching techniques and evolution of the security in medium voltage switchgear”. Briefly, my work is focusing on how the security of medium voltage switchgear is improved or guaranteed, through the changes in the switching equipment. Therefore, I take all relevant equipments in history under the magnifier and discuss among other things, their operation, technical specifications and improvements compare to older equipments. I also try to make a simulation per equipment.

“Like to deeper analyze the future of switching equipment “

What are you willing to prove and reach with your analysis?

Bert: I try especially to describe the historical evolution. If I still have time, I would like to dedicate a part of my thesis on how the future of the switches and the associate security aspect will evolve or look like. But a master thesis is a long process. The deadline for my thesis is in a few weeks. I don’t know if this will still be reachable (laugh).

We wish you already all the success.


Curious? Ready for a visit?

What did our speaker explained this morning to all this careful listening students from the PTI Eeklo?Discover it by yourself by visiting our site in Nevele! We open our doors with pleasure for you.

With a presentation, a tour in our medium voltage museum and on top a visit of our showroom and finally a visit of the production plants of SGC- SwitchGear Company we simmer a rich and diverse medium voltage program. Ask for your school visit.

“Passion for medium voltage is an evidence”

Willing to discover our medium voltage museum, unique in Belgium? Students from fifth and sixth school year of the section “Electrical installation techniques” from VTI Poperinge visiting our company this morning in Nevele could not believe their eyes.

“We received a very warm welcome. The enthusiasm and the way the different speakers informed us, shows that people who work here have a real passion for medium voltage. Next year, we definitely will come back with a new contingent of students. Here, the theory is narrowly approaching the reality”, such was afterwards the comment of the teachers.

Come and discover our museum, meet Deba, walk through the production halls of SGC-SwitchGear Company and closely discover the world of the medium voltage. Ask here for your company visit.

VTI Deinze “tastes” medium voltage

Enthusiastic students of VTI Deinze came this morning to visit our medium voltage site in Nevele, there where Deba also resides. A tour through our unique in Belgium medium voltage museum followed a short presentation. The group moved then towards de production hall of SGC-SwitchGear Company.

Are you also interested in a medium voltage site visit? Do not hesitate and get yourself down to our companies.


eurofinish 2015

Lakkerij Vandereyt op Eurofinish 2015

Lakkerij Vandereyt zal op 10 & 11 juni aanwezig zijn op Eurofinish 2015 in de Brabanthal in Leuven!
We zetten 5 redenen op een rij om er bij te zijn!

1.EUROFINISH 2015 is een totaal nieuw beursconcept met een interessante formule. Een all-in stand (10 m²) + full catering services voor slechts 3200 €. Met een minimum aan voorbereiding bereikt u heel wat professionele bezoekers! Elk gesprek is een kans om samen te werken!

2. Heel de toeleveringsketen van oppervlaktebehandeling is verzameld onder één dak.

3. EUROFINISH legt de focus op kennisoverdracht, netwerking, demonstratie en innovatie.

4. AGORIA organiseert op 10/06/2015 hun jaarlijkse aankopersbeurs gelijktijdig met EUROFINISH.

5. De openingsuren(12u00 – 20u00) zijn afgestemd op wensen van de ondernemer: filevrij en na de dagelijkse werkdrukte.

Het Veer verwelkomt prof. dr. Abigail Levrau als bestuurder

Het Veer is trots om haar team van bestuurders te mogen versterken met prof. dr. Abigail Levrau. Prof. Levrau is doctor in de Economie en al meer dan 17 jaar werkzaam bij GUBERNA, Het Instituut voor Bestuurders. Met haar academische achtergrond en haar ervaring en inzicht in bedrijfsbestuur, vormt zij voor Het Veer een zeer waardevolle toevoeging aan het team dat de koers uitzet.


Prof. dr. Abigail Levrau

Professor Levrau: “Het is met fierheid dat ik dit mandaat aanvaard heb. Het is voor mij een heel boeiende uitdaging om het team te ondersteunen bij de verdere professionalisering van de ondernemingsgroep. Ik wens met de nodige ernst, engagement en enthousiasme mijn steentje bij te dragen aan de verdere groei van dit succesvolle familiebedrijf”.

Het Veer op jobhappening Howest

Het Veer was aanwezig op de jobhappening Howest in Kortrijk Xpo!

Ben jij ook geïnteresseerd in een nieuwe uitdaging? Bekijk dan zeker welke vacature aansluit bij jouw profiel!

[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” icon=”cog” color=”blue” lightbox=”false”]Ontdek de vacatures[/button]


Polyclose gaat van start!

Vandaag, morgen en zaterdag staat Laramno samen met Lakkerij Vandereyt op Polyclose, stand 1728 in Hal 1 op Flanders Expo Gent.

Wanneer: 16, 17 & 18 januari.

Waar: Stand 1728, Flanders Expo Hal 1, Maaltekouter 1, 9051 Gent

Meer informatie op de website van Polyclose:


Lakkerij Vandereyt & Laramno op Polyclose

Op 16, 17 & 18 januari staan Lakkerij Vandereyt & Laramno opnieuw op Polyclose, dé beurs voor raam-, deur-, zonwering-, gevel- en toegangstechniek, in Flanders Expo in Gent. Meer informatie op de website van Polyclose.

Lakkerij Vandereyt & Laramno staan in hal 1, stand 1728.


Flanders Expo, Maaltekouter 1 B – 9051 Gent


16, 17 & 18 januari


Eurofinish 2013 innovatie: fosforlakken

Op Eurofinish 2013 stelde Lakkerij Vandereyt een innovatie voor: fosforlakken.

Bekijk het filmpje voor een blik achter de schermen en voor de mogelijke toepassingen van fosforlakken.


Lakkerij Vandereyt & Laramno op Eurofinish 2013

Naar goede gewoonte zijn Lakkerij Vandereyt en Laramno opnieuw aanwezig op Eurofinish. Eurofinish is het forum voor professionals uit de coatingsector om ideeën uit te wisselen en nieuwe technieken voor te stellen.

U kan ons vinden in hal 1 in Flanders Expo, Maaltekouter 1, B-9051 Gent, van 23 tot en met 24 oktober 2013 van 10 u tot 18 u.

Alle informatie over de beurs vindt u op

Het Veer in een nieuw jasje

De website van Het Veer is helemaal vernieuwd, sterk uitgebreid en boordevol informatie.