SGC-SwitchGear Company, Deba and Mevoco in Nevele take part in Open Company Day 2016.

An inside look into the future of electricity

Energy in general and electricity in particular are fast becoming the most valuable resources. It makes perfect sense that people want to know all about electricity. What happens between the power plant and the socket in your living room? What does medium voltage mean and what technology is involved? Discover the answer to all of these and more questions on October 2nd, when three fast-growing innovators SGC, Deba and Mevoco open their doors to the public.

SGC, Deba and Mevoco engage whenever medium voltage has to be transformed to manageable low voltage, then distributing, measuring and securing every step of the way.

Have a look in production and installation departments where the smallest and biggest components of this technology are developed and produced by Mevoco. Discover the world of high-tech switch gear panels constructed by this year’s official Most Promising Belgian Maker, SGC. Learn how Deba installs these switch gear panels in high-voltage cabins providing power to complete residential areas, industrial complexes, farms, hospitals, …

On October 2nd you can visit the Medium Voltage Competence Centre, a centre for training and education. Take a look in the medium voltage museum and showroom and take a complete and thorough look into both the history and future of medium voltage technology.

Open Company Day 2016, with SGC-SwitchGear Company, Deba and Mevoco Nevele : an inside look into the future of electricity.

SGC, Deba and Mevoco, Moorstraat 24, B-9850 Nevele, Belgium
E40 exit 13 Drongen coming from Brussels
E40 exit 12 Nevele coming from Ostend

SwitchGear Company of Nevele wins “Most Promising Maker” award

SwitchGear Company of Nevele is a future-oriented and innovative producer of medium voltage switchgear. SGC received this Thursday evening in the “Handelsbeurs” of Ghent the title of “Most Promising Maker”

This new price has been created on the common initiative of the employer’s organization “Unizo” and DHL Express, who wants to offer the manufacturing industry an attractive forum in Belgium and to underline the importance of sustainable and innovative businesses for our economy. (…)

SwitchGear Company (SGC), which as most promising manufacturing company came out of the box, is sweeping the world market as producer of medium voltage switchgear; “SGC is a fast growing Belgian company that invests a lot of time in Research & Development to better serve the customers. The company exports worldwide to customers in Europe, Africa, Oceania and America. Furthermore they are working with a virtual showroom to explain their product. At the time, the company is particularly active in South America, Australia, Russia and Chad. As the SGC products are approved according to the international IEC standards, the world is wide open for this manufacturing company”. (…)

“Thanks to manufacturing companies, our economy can grow and local prosperity is created” says Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO of Unizo. “Therefore we should not only nourish our existing manufacturing companies, we also have to offer a support to the new startups in the manufacturing sector. Unizo committed them to do so”.

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UNIZO16 Belgian Maker Award

UNIZO16 Belgian Maker Award

Craftmanship and the use of durable materials makes it possible for SGC to produce products that are ‘built to last’. To promote the Belgian manufacture industry, SGC is taking part in the ‘Belgian Maker Award’, a competition organized by Unizo. You can take a look at the website where you can find our company movie.

VTI Deinze “tastes” medium voltage

Enthusiastic students of VTI Deinze came this morning to visit our medium voltage site in Nevele, there where Deba also resides. A tour through our unique in Belgium medium voltage museum followed a short presentation. The group moved then towards de production hall of SGC-SwitchGear Company.

Are you also interested in a medium voltage site visit? Do not hesitate and get yourself down to our companies.