• DF One

    ERP: the cockpit of your company

The ERP-platform DF One is the nerve center of your company

Our ERP-package integrates all departments and processes in one package.
So you can not only better decide but also better steer the company.

The history

Maintaining an overview of a group, viewing the appropriate control elements, plan and look ahead: our in-house developed software package DF One does it all. With the aim to decide better and more accurate, Cotrabel developed its own ERP-platform: DF One. Our software allows us to integrate all departments of a company: from the HR to the accounting over the production. Beside, the system offers the ultimate advantage to watch over all companies. DF One is the digital rudder of Het Veer: maintaining the overview and readiness to steer the course quickly and easy.

And there is more. DF One guides not only Het Veer by raging waters. We like to emphasize our Blue Ocean strategy. Our ERP platform has been marked for some time. Customers in various energy and production sectors use DF One to align more closely all facets of their company


Cotrabel bvba
Vlasmarkt 12, 9000 Gent
tel.: 09/380.05.30

In a nutshell

  • Integration HR till accounting
  • Each user in the whole company
  • Better and more accurate decisions