• Medium voltage

    42 years of experience in medium voltage

Over four decades of medium voltage

Five companies look under the wings of Het Veer meanwhile back, on more than 40 years of experience in the medium voltage sector.

Deba nv
Moorstraat 24,
9850 Landegem
T.: +32 (0)9/371.75.51

Mevoco nv
Industrielaan 33A, 9800 Deinze
T.: +32 (0)9/380.30.49

SGC-SwitchGear Company nv
Moorstraat 24,
9850 Landegem
T.: +32 (0)9/321.91.12

Cotrabel bvba
Vlasmarkt 12, 9000 Gent
T.: +32 (0)9/380.05.30

Ningbo Deba Electric Co. Ltd.
No.362, Tongu Road, Lihuaqiao IZ, Shounan district, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China
P.C. 315194
T.: +86/574.8921.6486

The history

Since more than 40 years, Het Veer is prominent present in the medium voltage field. It is the beating heart of our group. Five companies have with us, developed an unique medium voltage story: Deba, SGC – SwitchGear Company, Mevoco, Cotrabel en Ningbo Deba-Electric Co., Ltd. From the manufacturing of components until the turnkey installation of concrete prefab housings: the total medium voltage process falls under the umbrella of Het Veer.

Deba is offering a full range of services in the field of medium voltage installations: from installation, maintenance, adaptation to renovation. SGC – SwitchGear Company manufactures the medium voltage cubicles. Mevoco manufactures switches, relays and supplies medium voltage components. Cotrabel is the designated partner in the field of transformers. In China our own department Ningbo Deba-Electric Co., Ltd., develops optimized components and sell them on the local market.

All the companies are supported by the same wind: quality and safety are the driving forces behind our medium voltage history. It is the course we chose in 1979 at the cradle of Deba, and that after 40 years, we still follow.