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    Deba: THE medium voltage installer

Deba is THE medium voltage installer in Belgium

With more than 30 years of experience, Deba is the outstanding partner for installation, maintenance and adaptation of your medium voltage switchgear.

The history

In 1979, Deba was founded as a one man business, by M. Rik Vandoorne. Deba was and still is, an installer of medium voltage switchgear. Installations, outfits, adaptations or even renovation of existing installation are still the core activities of the company. Like no other, Deba with decades of experience has accumulated a wealth of knowhow and expertise. We manage to translate it in every service we provide: our passion allows us to install medium voltage switchgear faster, safer and more efficient.

Through the years, Deba did not take only installations on it. Production of medium voltage components (Mevoco), development and manufacturing of cubicles (SGC-SwitchGear Company), distribution transformers (Cotrabel) and even production of concrete prefab housings in which switchgear is located (CDC-Cabines de Ciney) was carried by Deba. In 2010, every company received an independent status. Deba can now again focus exclusively on its core business: the installation of medium voltage switchgear.

Under de holding group Het Veer, Deba therefore, makes part of a vertically integrated structure: by controlling closely each element of the medium voltage process, security and quality can be guaranteed in every stadium of the process.

Deba nv
Moorstraat 24,
9850 Landegem
t.: 09/371.75.51

In a nutshell

  • Established in 1979
  • THE medium voltage installer in Belgium
  • Splitting up in 3 companies in 2010
  • Play in at lightning speed on request of the customer

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