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    Mevoco: One-stop Medium-voltage Shop

Mevoco is the one-stop shop for all your medium voltage needs: from switches, relays, voltage present indicators till accessories

Mevoco nv is a fast growing independent, Belgium producer of switching equipment for medium voltage switchgear.

The history

Mevoco has grown under captain Deba. After 30 years of expertise, the components department has split off in 2010 under the name Deba Components. Three years later, in 2013, the company was renamed from Deba components to Mevoco. The company build up a wealth of knowledge about switches, relays and voltage present indicators. Three decades embedding in the medium voltage, has given us the confidence to develop our own circuit breakers, load break switches and other medium voltage accessories. Mevoco has the experience; the knowhow and the technical knowledge.

Mevoco has several proprietary and patented innovations behind his name. The Arc-Killer is one of these exclusive renewals. It is an option that lifts the safety of the medium voltage switchgear to a totally new level. The Arc-Killer is again an externalization of our emphasis for safety and quality, which manifests itself in every company under the fleet of Het Veer.


Mevoco nv
Industrielaan 33A, 9800 Deinze
t.: 09/380.30.49

In a nutshell

  • Split off from Deba in 2010
  • Before named Deba Components
  • Switches, relays, voltage present indicators
  • Accessories for medium voltage

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