• SGC-SwitchGear Company

    Medium-Voltage Switchgear, Built to Last.

SGC – SwitchGear Company is an international producer of medium voltage cubicles.

SGC manufactures quality and safety cubicles that are trully “Built to Last”

The history

SGC – SwitchGear Company manufactures medium voltage cubicles from 3-36 kV, a full range of distribution switchgear. From the modular flagship DF-2 until the well-known RMU’s. Although SGC was only formally established in 2010, it can look back among the fleet of Deba, on several decades of expertise and experience. After the establishment of the R&D centre in the 90’s and the final development of the DF-2, every facet of the cubicle construction fell into the hands of Deba. Finally, the department was renamed  to SGC – SwitchGear Company, with the target to offer medium voltage cubicles worldwide.

Meanwhile, SGC – SwitchGear Company continued really its course  in international waters. Mexico, the United States, Australia, Brazil Russia, South-Africa and Congo are some of the countries in which SGC has partners. The geographical scope of our cubicles proves that SGC – SwitchGear Company is a global player and that safety and quality of the products is an essential factor.

SGC – SwitchGear Company nv
Moorstraat 24,
9850 Landegem
t.: 09/321.91.12

In a nutshell

  • Split off from Deba in 2010
  • Worldwide active
  • Focus on safety and quality

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