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Over four decades of sheet metal

Three companies are looking back on 40 years of experience in sheet metal, under the wings of Het Veer.

Lakkerij Vandereyt nv
Westlaan 268, 3550 Heusden-Zolder
T.: +32 (0)13/52.10.11

Femaco nv
Moorstraat 24, 9850 Landegem
T.: +32 (0)9/357.67.00

Robby Metaalconstructie
Moorstraat 25C, 9850 Landegem
T.: +32 (0)9/282.77.96

The history

Het Veer has been prominently present in the sheet metal sector for more than 50 years. Three companies have developed a unique sheet metal story with us: Lakkerij Vandereyt, Robby and Femaco. From sheet metal to wet coating and powder coating of durable and decorative industrial components, building parts, installations and equipment.

Femaco offers a whole range of services in sheet metal: bending, cutting, punching, laser cutting, milling, turning, welding and tapping.

Lakkerij Vandereyt has professional and modern coating installations, which are suitable for both small and large series. It is a market-oriented company, specialized in high-quality decorative wet and powder coatings for use on durable and decorative industrial components, building components, installations and equipment. Thanks to our years of accumulated expertise and experience, we are able to meet all your needs . In this way we are extremely accurate to current sector specifications, but also to specific (environmental) technical requirements.

The companies are supported by the same wind: quality and safety are the driving forces behind our sheet metal story. It is the course we chose in 1979 at the cradle of Deba, and that after 50 years, we still follow.

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