• Switchbeer

    Created concept by Sylvester


A concept by Het Veer

The history

Switchbeer is a beer that is especially brewed for us by brewer Sylvie Vandoorne (Board of Directors), affiliated with the Hogeschool Gent.

The concept was thought up by Sylvie and the branding was done by Het Veer’s  coroporate service Marketing department. Initially as a business gift for the customers of SGC – Switchgear Company, which is mainly focused on export. The foreign customers are  intrigued by Belgian beers, for which our country is known. So it seemed like a good idea to come up with a branding that would fit in with the corporate identity and philosophy of SGC – Switchgear Company. A Belgian family business with international scope.

Not only the branding is important, but we can honestly say that the beer tastes good … Yes, we know that from our own experience, because in 2020 we gave the staff of all the companies in the group Het Veer a Switchbeer package as an end-of-year gift. The customers were sent a package. There were only positive reactions!

We also serve the beer at events organized by Deba Facility or expositions.




In a nutshell

  • custom made brewed beer
  • own concept & branding
  • business gift, end-of-year gift