• Lakkerij Vandereyt

    Subcontracting company with 40 years of experience

Open vacancies at Lakkerij Vandereyt

Currently there are no vacancies.

Working at Lakkerij Vandereyt

Lakkerij Vandereyt is present in the coating sector since about 40 years. We can look back on a magnificent history. With about 40 employees in service, we are a company that really growth because of their collaborators, that are daily busy to offer high quality coatings to their customers.


Why choose us?

A family company, a highly technological sector, job security, short communication lines, real responsibilities. This is only a part from our range of offer.

Not found THE job?

Het Veer is always looking for people willing to make the difference. We are always searching for competence and make any difference. Take for sure contact with us.