We think about the future.

In the depths of the sea, Het Veer group is firmly committed to sustainability, with this value flowing like a current through our company and team. We cherish the vision of sustainability and integrate it into all our efforts to create a positive wave of change.

We design products built as rugged ships to weather storms at sea. As captains of the circular economy, we reuse materials so that nothing goes to waste in our endless waters. Our work processes and products are handled with care and quality.

On top of our waves of commitment, we organize sustainable corporate events, embracing and respecting the value of the sea. As a token of our sea love, we also give sustainable corporate and employee gifts.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we sail with sustainable transportation to reduce carbon emissions to a calm breeze.

Our brave Sailors are also participating in “Fit Challenges,” where with each effort we have entrusted a donation to The Ocean Cleanup. This organization fights against plastic pollution in rivers and oceans, and in their mission our crew finds inspiration.

In our pursuit of a work environment that warms the heart of every employee, we have joined forces with the inspiring organization “Kunstbaan vzw“. They have created a compass to guide us on our journey to a more diverse future. The compass that Kunstbaan created for us symbolizes our shared commitment where we work together as a tight-knit crew. With this compass as our guide, we navigate along a course of equality, respect and understanding where everyone feels at home within our group. Just as the sea knows no boundaries, the boundaries have blurred with us. Our Sailors represent a palette of cultural backgrounds and experiences.

In line with our motto “Sailing on blue oceans,” our group strives to provide a sustainable key to success. We are determined to successfully continue our course, driven by a love of the sea and a desire to create a wave of positive change.

We care about our Sailors.

The work happiness of our Sailors above all else!

The job happiness of our Sailors, how we call our employees, is high on our wave. We host a drink called ” Barc Killer” every last Friday of the month. Together we also go to an annual “afterwork” in the neighborhood organized by Elaba Nevele. The ideal way to connect with other Sailors.

We have also decided to develop a health policy and take even more actions in the future to promote, first and foremost, the health of our employees, but above all, job happiness.

Every afternoon, we have fresh soup available to help brave the cold winter months. When the sunshine comes out, there will be a tasty fruit basket for all our Sailors!

As icing on the cake, we have the “Sports Company Label” from Sport Flanders for two years. This through our activities such as cross fit, hiking, ping pong, darts, padel, all-around outdoor group training, group exercise classes, … Our sports activities and efforts will be rewarded!

Let us wander to the ocean and taste the memories of our last “Summerdrink.” Watch the aftermovie here.

"A healthy Sailor is a happy Sailor."

We care about the health of our Sailors! In addition to paying attention to ergonomics, we organize many activities to get our Sailors moving! Among other things, we organize all-round outdoor group training for our crew (at our site in Landegem).

A variety of cardio and muscle/strength exercises organized by“Fit On Wheels.” Everyone can participate at their level/tempo. Above all, it’s a great way to get moving together and work on our team spirit at the same time!

Good Vibes Only!

Our values.