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Working for Ningbo Deba Electric

Ningbo Deba-Electric Co. Ltd. has entered the Chinese market since 2010 in order to translate our knowhow and expertise to cover the emerging growth market. Ningbo Deba-Electric Co. Ltd. manufactures both components, as well as cubicles using new materials and procedures, for use in the Chinese markets. (Products for the European market continue to be manufactured in Belgium.)

As a result, Ningbo Deba-Electric Co. Ltd.’s goal is to focus on producing quality, safe products for the local markets in order to continue our European story in Asia.

Why choosing for us?

A family company, a high-tech sector, job security, short communication lines, and a lot of potential to grow. Those are just some of the benefits of working for Ningbo Deba Electric.

Haven’t found the right job?

We’re always looking for people who can make a difference. We emphasize skills and we don’t discriminate. So be sure to contact us.